Sunday, October 16, 2011

Costume party how to video: Jessie J look !
Change Up Your Fall Workout Routine

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Change Up Your Fall Workout Routine

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With the weather cooling down, it's easy to find reasons to skip the gym. So, to keep you motivated, we found ways to change up your go-to routine. You know, so you don't pile on the pounds even though you're piling on the warm layers.

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Hello Gorgeous! Are you getting your costume party looks together? I'm going with my son to his karate school costume party and I'm dressing up as Jessie J-on the party night, I think I'm going to pop on some fake lashes and also some Violent Lips lip tattoos, though I will be going from work to the party-so this video illustrates how to go to work looking like Jessie J light- and then add some drama for the party! Enjoy!

Makeup products used:
Skin: Tara Walker's Dream moisturizing cream
Foundation: Avon Extra Lasting in Creamy Natural
Eyeshadow: Everyday Minerals Floating Feathers and Smashbox Smokebox
Blush: Everyday Minerals blush in Pink ribbon
Mascara: Rimmel MAX Volume Flash ( don't like it! too thin!)
Lips: Everyday Minerals dusting of Pink Ribbon blush for day with lip balm, and then Milani Advanced Lip Color in Vivacious Fuschia.
Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray to seal the whole look for the day
Party lips-Violent Lips in Union Jack
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