Monday, October 24, 2011

Aubrey Organics-mineral spray & shave creme
9 Shocking Habits That Are Ruining Your Teeth

Great dental health takes more than seeing your dentist every six months. Do you have one of these bad habits that are wrecking your smile?

9 Shocking Habits That Are Ruining Your Teeth

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Sure, smoking and drinking coffee aren't exactly going to help you score an A-List smile -- but did you know your favorite workout could be damaging your teeth? Here are the habits to break -- and the ones to start -- to keep those pearly whites looking amazing.

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Hi Gorgeous!
I love the Aubrey Organics line for skincare that is pthalate free! Now-for body care they are on par for natural skin care that is safe for the whole family!
Here is their mission statement:
"Our mission is to provide all-natural, safe and effective personal care and lifestyle products to the consumer. We offer a true and authentic alternative to many of the mass produced synthetic products on the market today. We craft only the highest quality all-natural products without compromise as to ingredients, packaging or cost.".

I love that-and though I have not tried their makeup line-I hope it's good because there are many pre-teen and teenage girls who wear makeup and are at risk for having their body hormones sped up and force puberty at an earlier age due to pthalates in their cosmetics and body products.

So, I say give Aubrey Organics a try! Find it at your local natural food store, such as Sprouts, Sunflower Markets, Whole Foods or the Good Apple out in Apache Junction.

There are so many amazing products in the line-go try some!

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