Sunday, October 30, 2011

Live the Gold Life with Australian Gold Sheer Coverage spf & self tanner for Fall skin
8 Tips to Repair Your Damaged Hair STAT

Dried, fried hair is out. Healthy, glossy hair is in. See how to repair your damaged hair with these tips

8 Tips to Repair Your Damaged Hair STAT

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When you're all bundled up for winter and your nose is red from the cold, your only redeeming beauty quality is your hair -- if it's glossy, that is. In order to maintain its health and vibrancy, hair needs to be treated and cared for just like the rest of our body. See the expert tips to inject life back into your fried strands now.

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Hello Gorgeous!
As October is going out in a heat wave in Arizona-I wanted to remind you real quick that sunscreen is a daily activity-like taking your multi-vitamin, or brushing your teeth-everyday is sunscreen day!
I recently tried the Australian Gold spf 15 Sheer Coverage and it's so light and fast absorbing on the skin with a soft coconut scent.

It dries matte on the skin so you don't have to worry about being shiny and sticky from your sunscreen.

And if you want to have a brown/bronze tone to your skin-please forego the tanning bed or laying out in the sun and opt for a self tanner instead. I tested the Australian Gold instant bronze self tanning lotion with 'elimiscent technology' which helps minimize the tell tale self tanner smell.

I put two thin layers of the gel based lotion on and got a nice light brown tone on my skin. So my calves are somewhere in between Kate Middleton the new Duchess of Cambridge sheer pantyhose tone and a soft fading tan from summer swimming. Booya!

So 'live the gold life' and try some Australian Gold products!
p.s. When I tested this product it reminded me of Celebrity Apprentice from last season!
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