Saturday, October 8, 2011

Violent Lips tattoos at Phoenix Fashion Week
Editor's Favorite Beauty Product of the Week

One editor can't stop raving about this new ointment that claims to moisturize lips, elbows, and even nasal passages -- see what it is

Editor's Favorite Beauty Product of the Week

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This amazing product is 100 percent natural, fragrance free, and only $16. Our beauty editor keeps one in her car, her purse, and next to her bedbecause it's such a skin-saver.

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Phoenix Fashion Week is half way over! Wow-that went quick!
Nothing says fashion quite as well as wearing a pair of Violent Lips lip tattoos! Arin and I are modeling them as the blogger party is getting started. I have several shades of the pink breast cancer patterns to share and will be doing so in a Twitter giveaway contest on Saturday, at the final runway show.
Now, here's a wee video to help prepare you to wear your Violent Lips tattoo!
Just so you know-it's easy to apply, lasts a long time and are fun! You can apply clear gloss or a sparkly gloss over the top to make your lips feel moist and slickery.
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