Monday, October 3, 2011

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10 Worst Eyeliners You'll Want to Avoid

Eyeliners that flake, smudge, and don't leave a good color aren't worthy of a place in your makeup bag. Make sure to avoid the worst of them by reading this list

10 Worst Eyeliners You'll Want to Avoid

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Smudgy liners that leave you looking like you got into a fight with a raccoon -- and lost -- have got to go. That's why we've rounded up the worst eyeliners ever. This way you can make sure you never spend another dime on an awful liner again. See the reviews now.

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NO. 10: TOO FACED LAVA GLOSS SUPER GLOSSY EYELINER, $16.50 average reader rating: 6.5

"After a few hours it looks like you've been punched in the eyes."

NO. 9: PHYSICIANS FORMULA EYE DEFINER FELT-TIP EYE MARKER, $6.95 average reader rating: 6.5

It "[dries] out before I even get to finish lining my eyes" and it "flakes off, leaving little black dots all over my face."

NO. 8: E.L.F. ESSENTIAL BRIGHTENING EYE LINER, $1 average reader rating: 6.4

"After multiple uses, the pencil is still too hard. It hurts having to scrub over delicate eyelids just to get color that lasts 30 minutes."

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