Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Grammy's on CBS: Radmilla Cody-will she win?

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It's Grammy Award time and in the little known category that does not get a lot of publicity or big showy stage performances is Native American singer Radmilla Cody. She was also the 1997 Miss Navajo pageant winner and has a lived ten lives in the short span of her years. This is an interview on the NPR page and I highly recommend you look and listen. She is an enigma!

Radmilla cody is available for singing and lessons on life-you can book her here.

She is a native of Arizona and has a story worth telling and listening too. Be watching on CBS Sunday night for the Grammy Award show. You may not see her on stage, but she is a winner regardless!

Radmilla Cody - Shi Keyah
Nominated for Grammy!
Radmilla Cody
Shi Keyah
Songs for the People
Recordings with Canyon Records:
  • Seed Of Life - 2002 AFIM Indie Awards Winner-Best Native American Album.
    2002 Native American Music Award-Best Female Artist
  • Spirit of a Woman - 2006 Indian Summer Music Award Finalist-Best Folk Album
  • Precious Friends – 2007 Native American Music Awards Nominee
  • Navajo Christmas – Guest appearance with Todi Neesh Zhee Singers. 2008 Native American Music Awards Nominee
  • Shi Keyah Songs for the People– 2011
 Printed from the Radmilla Cody website:
With an angelic voice of bluebirds singing, Radmilla Cody, traditional Navajo recording artist, Indie Award Winner, multiple Native American Award Nominee and international performer, continues to maintain Navajo culture by recording music that children sing with pride and lyrics the Dine elders can be proud of. Radmilla is a biracial woman who continues to touch the lives and heal the hearts of her supporters.
Miss Cody is of the Tla’a’schi’i’(Red Bottom People) clan and is born for the (Naahilii) African-Americans Radmilla is the 46th Miss Navajo Nation from 1997-98. Born and raised in the beautiful and picturesque plateaus of the Navajo Nation, Radmilla Cody’s childhood consisted of herding sheep on foot and horseback, carding and spinning wool, and searching late into the night with her grandmother for lost sheep and their lambs. The highlight of her sheep herding days was standing on the sheep corral singing at the top of her lungs with the sheep and goats as her audience. “All that mattered at that time was the moment of living a dream,” says Radmilla about her early life, which today has become a reality for the young musician.
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