Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kaeng Raeng Detox: get movin'!

Hello Gorgeous! I love trying something new and I am always looking for something to aid training for triathlons and getting red carpet ready and now, spring break ready!

Moms-has this school year flown by for you too? I can't believe we have a week of surfing and fishing coming up next month-I've got to get into my wet suit!

I did the 3 day detox program with Kaeng Raeng created by Lindsay Reinsmith ( you get this online or at Whole Foods) and it's 3 things in my experience: delicious tasting, bloat moving and refreshing!

The orange packet of Glai Roong is mango peach and pineapple and my favorite. So if you need to squeeze into a dress for the red carpet, get bikini ready for spring break or just move the holiday sludge out of your system-try some Kaeng Raeng!

As New Year's resolutions are in full swing and Valentine's Day celebrations behind, you  will want to recover from post V-Day splurging, returning to their healthy living regimen.

To get back to feeling our very best, high quality products such as Kaeng Raeng that promote healthy living are available at Whole Foods or online and can be delivered quickly straight to your front door - including vegan cleanses for jumpstarting healthier eating.

Products like Kaeng Raeng, a freeze dried, preservative free, gluten free cleanse was designed to provide fresh ingredients to consumers at a low cost - shipped and delivered in just 2 days.

Kaeng Raeng is one of several natural products now focused on the direct to consumer sales channel, which enables entrepreneurs (like the one who created Kaeng Raeng, Lindsay Reinsmith) to offer lower prices and thorough customer service over the pricey and formal protocols associated with mass distribution.

 In our growing age of Amazon Prime, streaming content, and at-home fitness, cleansing and weight loss diets are still largely a time consuming process, plagued by several trips to the grocery store. Kaeng Raeng provides the benefits of cleansing in the 21st century - all you have to do is add water!  You'll receive 3 packets per day (9 or 18 total) of the detox program you choose.

Lose Baby Weight Like A Celebrity

Ever wonder how new celeb moms get unbelievable post baby bodies in record time? We got the dirt on how they get fit fast

Lose Baby Weight Like A Celebrity

This is a TotalBeauty.com health article

When it comes to Hollywood’s starlets, the cycle is always the same: The tabloids notify us of a bun in the oven, we start to see baby bumps on the red carpet, and after the unique (read: bizarre) name of the child is finally revealed, we see the same celeb emerge with a flat tummy and svelte figure. The turnover time between being 9 months pregnant and having an enviable post-baby body is so minimal that it’s downright hard to believe. What’s the secret behind rapidly dropping the baby weight? We got the dirt on the health and fitness regimens of our favorite celeb mommies. And while we can't afford a live-in trainer or personal chef, there are a few tactics that everyone can try.

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