Friday, February 15, 2013

NEOVA CU3 Intensive Lip Repair: for all that Valentine's Day Kissing

 Well hello Gorgeous!
Pucker all tired out from smooching too much on Valentine's Day? No worries. Neova has created a new intensive lip repair to help with tired, dry, cracked or chapped lips. In my case, mine are chapped from cold weather and wind!

I do like the smooth application, the wee slanted  nib of an applicator and when you have chapped cracked lips it's time to set aside all concerns about wearing a petrolatum or mineral oil ingredient product because you need the sealing effect of those ingredients to make a barrier for the lips to heal. Ask me how I know!

Here's a bit more about the product-get online at!

NEOVA has launched a brand new lip product just in time to kiss the one you love on Valentine’s Day – Cu3 Intensive Lip Repair.
Cu3 Intensive Lip Repair is a lip treatment designed to restore and visibly repair the lips from irritations including wind, extreme temperatures and dehydration caused by low humidity. The serum replenishes moisture loss in delicate skin and reduces lines around the lips for a younger looking appearance. Copper Peptide Complex® helps build an essential barrier around the lips, protecting from future irritations.
Lose Baby Weight Like A Celebrity

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Lose Baby Weight Like A Celebrity

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