Saturday, February 23, 2013

Freeman bare foot repair! - for spring break beach feet

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Now is the time to make an appointment with yourself to do an at home spa pedicure to take care of your feet! Especially with spring break vacations and prom just around the corner-now is the time to get your feet ready to be in flip flops and open toed sandals.

For those of us ladies who are not going to a prom-please pay attention to your feet so you aren't walking through the store with calluses that snag on the curb of the aisle.

Callus Softening Foot Lotion photoCracked Heel Foot Balm photoPain Relief Foot Cream photo

These Freeman bare foot repair products: from left to right are for callus softening with a gentle acid free formula to give a non-abrasive exfoliation in a refreshing peppermint scent. The pink is for cracked heels to restore dry cracked heels that won't snag your nylons! The green is for pain relief and is a non-slip fast drying crisp wintergreen scent that soothes aches and sore muscles.  For the high heel wearer or runner-this is a great treat for feet!

Find Freeman products at major retailers everywhere like Walmart and Target for around $6.99!

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