Thursday, February 21, 2013

DiY Nail Art book:for spring break & prom manicures

Hello Gorgeous!
Can you believe how fast the year is going by? It's already near the end of February-which means it's a fast and slippery slope to spring break vacations, prom, graduations with Easter and Passover with a mix of Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day weekend rushing at us, and fast too!

So-to save some money yet still have a rockin' manicure and pedicure, try this book of simple to complex nail art designs.


You can find the book online at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. It's just about $10-12 with some shipping. I am testing some looks out now and will post the photos soon-so stay tuned! Now-here's a wee video just for you! Please visit DiY author Catherine Rodgers at her You Tube channel :

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