Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bremmen lab in my house: the testing continues
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Alas my friends it's Sunday. I'm writing this on Saturday while the Go Diego Go! movie is playing and keeping the Mancub busy for the moment; and I do mean moment.

Bremmen Labs who were so generous as to send me a sample of their top six products. They included one called "Butt Lift in a Box", needless to say I was surprised to open said box and find a tube of creme and a large rubber band.

Ok, I'm not one to read instructions, so this may take a time or two? Trial and error in my own home laboratory? I can't really promise a step by step picture tutorial on this one, because I'm shy.

The Bremmen Labs 6-1 face creme has been fun though I am now on to the next product.
A sample of the Olay ProX wrinkle creme. At first touch it has the consistency of old skool glue paste and the smell to go with it. I've been transported back to my Kindergarten class, though this time I won't eat it.

I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, Glory to God enjoy the Lord's day making memories with your fam!

Oh and holy smokes I"m excited for tomorrow's how to video, it's a doozy!
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