Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunscreen commentary
What's The Best Sun Protection For You?

Find out which products will keep you burn-free and looking fabulous this summer

What's The Best Sun Protection For You?

This is a best and worst skin care products article

While it's no fun to apply sunscreen (unless of course someone else does it for you), using these top-rated products will hopefully make it a tad more enjoyable.

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Sun protection! Before you click through to see which brands are best, here is my two cents: When you buy Banana Boat Sport waterproof spf 50 from Costco on coupon, making the two large bottles and extra grease stick a total of $8-it's a good bang for the buck!
I use it daily to run in and it is sweat proof. Now I do have to reapply while at Sunsplash and I do get a wee bit pink on the back. It could be the length of time we are there, the standing with a double raft over my head going up a slippery hill to get to the next waterslide, or just my fair skin; but I feel it's worth the money and I love having a Costco coupon to reduce the price.

It's working for me and the Mancub, maybe it will work for your family too! Enjoy!

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