Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What makes you beautiful?
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Test Your Salon Etiquette

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Hey gals pals!
I have a quick question for you today: what makes you beautiful? I would like to hear from you, either post your comment or email me and share a bit about what it is about yourself that makes you personally feel beautiful.

I ask this because I'm involved in some charities, fundraisers and benefits and I walk between the seriously abused and the seriously in need of an attitude check. Each lady has value and each lady is beautiful but sometimes neither: the poorest or the richest realize or see their real beauty and worth.

Some put labels on themselves with words and some use labels from department store brands to make themselves feel beautiful and that's awesome if it's workin' for you. Though after labels fade and sizes no longer fit, then what is it that makes you feel beautiful?

I always seem to be at war with myself whether it's in my head or closet at any given day or time. Though the skinny pants fitting, freshly colored roots that have not gone awry, or the most amazing pedicure are not what make me beautiful.

I am beautiful because I have Jesus in my heart. On my ugly days when I have done something screwy or said something awful then polished off a pepperoni jalapeno sausage pizza in one sitting and hate myself for it; He is always there with his precious Blood to wash me clean again and remind me that it's my heart that He is after. He wants to know me, and you, for who we are not for what we look like.

So I encourage you today, that if you haven't talked to Him lately, to simply begin a wee conversation with Him. Don't know where to start? Just say Hi Jesus, it's ______, (put your name in here)and let your day unroll before Him. He is the best listener, comforter and counselor and I can promise that you will feel better, and quite honestly beautiful.

Come see me tonight at City of Grace in Mesa for the opening night of Prayer Quake. It's free and a real hootenanny!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!