Thursday, June 3, 2010

H20 Sea Clear mattifying wash,toner,mask
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Want Shiny, Sexy Hair? We'll Help You Get It

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Hello friends of humidity and sun dried skin with a hint of beachiness!
I find there are two things that make me shiny: humidity and being in Costco for a long time.

Thank goodness I sampled the h20 Sea Clear mattifying foam wash as you can see in the photo. It did a nice foamy job of cleansing and my skin felt clean. The mask was intense! It dried rapidly and pulled the skin taught which I find to be a secondary bonus. Now the toner is separated in the bottle and you need to gently shake it a bit to mix it for use.

My skin already felt clean, and when I used it I could smell a strong astringent nature to it. I think if you have acne prone skin, live in humidity all the time or have naturally oily skin that this toner would be a blessing to you! Or at least help you cut back on your blotting paper usage.
Visit this link to find out more about the line:

Funny, I think that there used to be a retail store in Scottsdale Fashion Square on the lower level next to the food court ( of course I know all the stores around the food court...) and I remember walking in and smelling the ocean. Awesome!

Enjoy the beauty bits and stay tuned for some videos. I've got some freshies ready to launch on Monday!

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