Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nature's Gate sunless tanner

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Anti-Aging Tips for Your Body

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Okay, wait til you see the before and afte pics on this product! I love that it doesn't smell chemically like other brands, and it does give a nice brown hue to the skin instead of a orangey one.
I encourage you to familiarize yourself with a self tanner, find a brand you like and maybe even try this one. Do you know why? Because skin cancer is on the rise in young twentysomethings and it's not from over exposure at the beach or in my town at the Salt River tubing party; it's from the proliferation of indoor tanning beds.
Here is a patch of bare skin ready to be "self tanned".

So do yourself and your skin a favor, try some Nature's Gate ( get it at Sprouts!) sunless tanner.

This is a second coat of the Nature's Gate sunless tanner being applied to a patch of pale and bare skin.

Here's a quickie how to apply sunless tanner and not look funky:
1. Exfoliate the area, or your whole body! I recommend using the scrubby gloves that are like a dollar at Walmart. Apply a scrub to the scrubby gloves, this can be something lovely like Quick Tan sunless tanning prep scrub or the St. Ives apricot scrub which I find to be too harsh for my face but great for my knees, elbows and heels.

2. Apply a paraben free lotion to the bendy parts of you: meaning toe knuckles, elbows, knees, ankles so that the lotion fills in the wee skin folds.

3. Apply and rub in the self tanner and stand in a big X until it's dry. This could be a minute, could be five. The point is, the more you move while the product still feels tacky to your touch the more chance you have of streaking.

Buy a spray kind for your back or have some help. :) Enjoy it friends!
p.s. Thank you so much to all the kind comments about your Dads for the Tim McGraw fragrance set giveaway. I know 5 people are going to be smellin' real good real soon!

Here's two coats and one hour of applying and letting dry then reapplying the sunless tanner from Nature's Gate:

Ah, now we have it. After one hour, and two applications I have a wee patch of tanned skin in the shape of a heart somewhere on my body.

Remember your skin when it comes to the sun!

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