Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best tinted moisturizer for summer!
5 Best Summer Hairstyles

Hair extraordinaire Charles Baker Strahan answers reader questions on styling hair in the summer

5 Best Summer Hairstyles

This is a hairstyles article

As temperatures start to rise, it gets harder to keep hair cool and coiffed. So Strahan gives us tips to beat the heat while still looking great.

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Hello Gorgeous!
I dearly pray that you are having as fabulous and amazing a summer as my family is!
Now-I'm busy! I mean, busy! Between Mancub's schedule and my schedule and travel and pets and you name it! We are busy! I thought that the summer would bring a break-but not so!
As I skip along through the days-I have a secret that keeps my makeup looking fresh and hydrated-in fact-like it has just been applied!
Want to know what it is?
I use a tinted moisturizer: either, Borghese Summer Glow spf 20, Boscia B.B.Cream spf 27 or Poractive Sheer Tint Moisture spf 15.
So, I apply to my clean skin in the morning and then throw that one in my bag-for later! After work and on my way to pick up my son, go to karate, to dinner and then the Night Splash at the waterpark I touch up my makeup with a wee squeeze of the tinted moisturizer to make my face look fresh and 'just'applied! I keep a retractable brush and bronzer in my makeup bag so then I just lightly dust my cheeks! Wah lah!
I look fresh all day and into the night! It works for me and maybe will for you too? Each of those products performs with great sun protection, color, moisture and spf! Find your favorite and laissez faire bon temps! or by calling 1-888-819-2019

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