Sunday, June 12, 2011

Joya No. 6-scenting the Not So Bummer Summer!
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Hello dear summer friends!
As you may have noticed, Mancub and I have taken the title 'Not So Bummer Summer' and applied it to our lives!
Here, I am laying poolside. I'm relaxing and focusing on the Pentecost meetings-but lest I not forget to accessorize properly!
I love this fragrance! No. 6 composition by Joya.
Even better than me loving the soft, layered
scent of it, and it's easy no leak roll on packaging-is the intense and complex reviews given on Fragrantica!
Go read 'em-you will feel enlightened!
What I love best about this is the smell, the lingering, the change of the scent as I'm going through my day. Let's face it, I'm a fragrance junkie!!!
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