Sunday, June 5, 2011

Schick Intuiton-a review for you!
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5 Must-Have Beauty Products

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Well hello my friend Gorgeous!
Here I am, shaving my leg with the Shick Intuition self soaping and moisturizing blade. It comes with a non slip ergonomic handle, and that is just great.

It also comes packaged with a suction cup shower holder, plus an extra blade. That's nice!

Well, it is pretty. I like pink. Alas, as for the shaving, it was soapy, smooth, moisturizing, and close, the first time. The second time the soap around the blades had washed away unevenly, so now the blades are exposed unevenly? I think this could be due to the shape of my leg?
I really like the idea of this-and the initial experince is good too. I enjoyed this Schick Intuition as a sample that was sent to the blog-though I do not think that I would purchase this at the store. I am fond of my simple 2 blade no name brand that I get at the Walmart for .99 but was very excited to be trying the nearly ten dollar fancy blade that I normally wouldn't splurge on. Is where to go to find out more.
I think this is more for the winter season when you don't shave as much and I don't think it is to replace any Brazilian waxing-especially if you want a bald bumside. Enjoy this as part of your at home self made spa sessions!
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