Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flawless tanning at home with FAKE BAKE Flawless kit!
Quench Your Dry Hair

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Quench Your Dry Hair

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Hello my fellow summer celebraters!

This picture is the 'Ultimate' FAKE BAKER tanning kit called 'Flawless'.
I have used the creme tanning products from FAKE BAKE and loved them but this spray is even better!

The kit comes with gloves-which is a good start.
In the photo that's my knee and I have made a stencil of a heart to show the difference between one spray of FAKE BAKE and the natural skin color.

And yes, I have a penguin shower curtain!

See that brown/white mitt on my hand? That comes in the FAKE BAKE Flawless kit too! The brown side is a luxurious velvety feel and the white side feels like a sponge.
My heart stencil is covered with a mist of tanning spray and the best part is the color lets me see where I am tanning!

Ta da! See! It's not a very clear heart, but then again it got kind of soppy.
Now, the next thing I do is spray the entire area again with the Flawless tanning color and then rub in small circles with the brown velvety mitt to blend it together.

In this photo it's all blended together!
Remember-the time in between the spraying of the heart stencil and the spraying of Flawless and blending is mere minutes.
What does this mean? That if you make a mistake, you can simply spray and blend together before letting it really dry and set in!

Finally, I finish with the FAKE BAKE Tan Enhancing lotion with gold glisteners in it.
This lotion smells so wonderful! It's a fresh and citrus scent, nice aromatherapy!
Something to know about the products: healthy and no harmful ingredients-just good tanning skincare!
Why take my word for it? Get your own at Remember to check out their bronzing cosmetics while you're at it!