Monday, June 20, 2011

Miss USA Alyssa Campanello -Congratulations!
How to Fight Humidity with Curly Hair

One reader says the hot weather is making her curly hair crazy. See what our expert has to say

How to Fight Humidity with Curly Hair

This is a curly hair article

This week's reader question comes from Minda in Michigan who doesn't know how to deal with her curly hair during frizz-inducing weather. See the expert tips to fight frizz now.

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Miss USA 2011 is Alyssa Campanello of Los Angeles California.
Ms. Campanello, Makeup University wishes you the best of luck and adventure in your year long reign as Miss USA. Enjoy it!
*p.s. On a side note-I love how she is wearing the super hot summer trend of red hair! I think this is her natural color too, she has the complexion for it.
Now-someone needs to dish from backstage on what products she is using! I want to know the foundation and lipstick the most!
Comment if you know the REAL products Ms. Alyssa Campanello uses!

**Get ready for TEEN WEEK! 7 days left and counting...**
Speaking of teens...did you know that Miss USA was a former 2007 runner up to Miss TEEN USA? Success leaves a trail!
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