Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make-up-matte for making up neatly!
10 Trendy Summer Hairstyles

See the hottest styles that will actually stay put when the temperature starts to rise

10 Trendy Summer Hairstyles

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After spending 20 minutes perfecting every curl and smoothing down each strand, you step outside to greet the summer breeze -- and your cute hairstyle suddenly poufs into a frizzy mess. Sound familiar? To make sure your hairstyle can stand up to the heat, see these frizz-fighting looks now.

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Hello Gorgeous summer beauties!
Have you been out traveling? Or, like me-are you so busy and scheduled that when you leave the house in the morning you pack for 3 events in one day!
So, with all the activity I usually need to touch up my makeup more than once-enter, the make up matte by Katie Corl. She calls it the 'ideal hostess, shower or bridesmaid gift', but I call it the clean way to apply my makeup in a public space. The make up matte can be washed-so if you, like me, need to put it on the bathroom counter so you can spread out your makeup tools and products like a surgeon for quick and easy application- do it!
It's one of my insider makeup pro secrets-lay out your tools and products in a 'use by' order. Thay way you can work efficiently and neatly-plus keep track of what's been used.
I'm enjoying putting my daily touch up products and brushes in the make up matte and then rolling it up and stuffing it in the bag next to the snorkel, numchucks, clean eating lunches, sunscreen, cold waters and my daily fragrance bottle-whichever it is that day!

Ladies, check it out! It's fun and affordable and Katie Corl is right, this makes a great gift!
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