Friday, June 3, 2011

Mystique XMen First Class inspired look
How Eating Disorders Affect Your Looks

Eating disorders can lead to disastrous health issues, which can show up in hair, skin and nails. See the red flags of eating disorders now

How Eating Disorders Affect Your Looks

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Researchers believe that there are a myriad of factors that may trigger and shape eating disorders. And, while they are treatable, like any other severe illness, they take a toll on the body.

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Hello Gorgeous and summer movie season1

One of my favorite things about the summer is all the blockbuster movies that come out!

Now, I'm a big X Men fan from back in the day! I'm more of a Wolverine fan than a Mystique fan-but I didn't have any mutton chops on hand for Mancub and I to wear but I did have plenty of blue product.
Our look that we created at home is missing the latex appliques of the mask that Rebecca Romaine is wearing in the photo to the left as the character Mystique.

In the XMen First Class, Mystique is a young high school'ish aged girl and played by Wilson Morales.
Now there are some things of note in this Makeup University do it yourself Mystique makeup look:
1. We put temporary red color in our hair-mine turned out very dark and not red in the least bit and Mancub's virgin blonde hair held every nano drop of pigment. Five washes later and he STILL has red hair. So, we are going to the salon asap for a hair cut. Besides-with his busy summer schedule we can not be going about town in bright red hair.
2. I'm using a traditional theater makeup in blue-but when photographed it doesn't look royal blue like in the tube it looks blue green? What do you think?
3. I think the fun is in dressing up-so go ahead and dress up as your favorite character and head out to the movie and no worries about having the right shade of blue, or latex appliques or what have you!
Here's the how to video: enjoy!
p.s. I apologize for the video format problem-I'm still working the kinks out!

Product list:
Melone theatre makeup in creme blue
Blue eyeliner by Mineral Fusion
Blue eyeshadow by Maybelline

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