Monday, June 20, 2011

Bummer on Not So Bummer Summer
How to Pronounce Foreign Beauty Brands

With one quick read of this handy guide, you won't have to feel shy at the makeup counter ever again

How to Pronounce Foreign Beauty Brands

This is a makeup article

Do you ever feel silly when you ask to try a certain beauty product only to have the salesperson correct your pronunciation of the brand in question? To make sure that doesn't happen again, check out this guide that phonetically spells out how to say the names of 10 popular brands.

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Hello friends, family and fellow movie goer's:
Mancub and I have been looking forward to seeing the movie, "Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer".
Today, Mancub tried to throw a coup on go to see Mr. Popper's Penguins and I didn't want him watching drivel and it wouldn't fit into our busy afternoon schedule.
Alas, I should have opted for the drivel!

See, I saw the Blue Dove seal of approval on the movie poster
and I know that The Dove Foundation is a good guide for finding family entertainment. Oh, that is if your family cusses and practices magic eight ball the worlds link to demonic opinion in a plastic kids toy.

I don't think that children's entertainment should have curse words-especially film dialogue where the characters address that the word is in fact, a curse word, and then blatantly use it-twice like in Judy Moody Not So Bummer Summer.
That's right up there with Tangled having cleavage heavy cartoon characters-perhaps it should be re-titled to a porn toon section in Netflix? Yes, I liked the movie-but I'm not a five year old boy noting the 'big boobs' and then asking about movie boobs. Great.
I also didn't appreciate the heavy reliance on the magic 8 ball toy to decide for lead character Judy if she was going to have a good summer or not.
Where was I when The Dove Foundation went over to the dark side?
Don't waste your time or your money on seeing Judy Moody Not So Bummer Summer and now I will NOT be doing the character makeup how to videos-why? Because I'm all out of magic 8 balls. That's why.

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