Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Violent Lips-summer style in a lip tattoo-

12 Fun Exercise Fads

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12 Fun Exercise Fads

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Exercising is a pain in the behind if we can be frank, and the motivation to put down the ice cream bucket and get off the couch is slim to none. But, with these 12 new fitness fads, we (and you) will be a bit more excited about working out the muscles we never knew we had.

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Okay Gorgeous-forget about wearing that silly side braid-you have got to get some of these temporary lip tattoos!
They are like rub on eyeshadow pallettes, and a kids temporary tattoo and a lip stain all in one! Yet they are very specific patterns!

I love Jessie J-who sings a 'Tory Johnson "Spark and Hustle" theme song' called 'Price Tag' but it's the tag line Mancub and I sing around the house- 'forget about the price tag, just want to make the
world dance, cha ching cha ching, ba bling ba bling!

So here the two of us are and we are on our way to see this awful movie called Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer.
He is wearing the rainbow and I'm waring the pink roses.

Each lip set of tattoos, needs to be trimmed to fit your mouth when in the 'ahhhh' position. That was easy to do on my mouth but on little Mancub's lips it was a bit difficult.
Not to mention he couldn't sit still!

He also wanted to put the lip tattoos on his cheek, forehead, arm and anywhere he had skin.
These are made by Violent Lips and they are for me and you just as much as a rock star!
Jessie J is wearing the Union Jack and I'm hoping for an Old Glory United States flag in time for our big Independence Day party!
Now-Mancub picked his off on the ride to the theatre-but mine: once on, it needs 5 minutes to set, though when I stepped out of the house in to the hot 107 degree Arizona weather they immediately shrinky dinked up on my lips.
Talk about a seal!
I talked on the phone, drank some pop, ate popcorn, ate an apple, did some shopping and then after all of that, my pink rose Violent Lips tattoo was still SUPER adhered to my lips. The instructions say to use baby oil or mineral oil to remove them. Alas, I have neither of these substances in my house so I had to use the next best thing-olive oil. It was difficult to remove so I think for my next venture out in wearing these I am going to stop by the drugstore and pick up some baby oil!
I think for those of you going to the beach or the pool-this is an ultimate beauty accessory!
Now, there is one thing I forgot to do while wearing and that is apply a clear gloss over. I think I forgot because I was eating so much? I will try it again and report back. Enjoy! Go see more at http://www.violentlips.com/
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