Friday, June 5, 2015

Disney beauty tools from SoHo: just what a gal needs for the weekend!

TGIF Gorgeous!

I am a huge Disney fan and have been for some time!
 One of my all time, I mean, all time favorite movies is the Disney animation film Beauty and the Beast.

Years ago I auditioned for the part of  Belle in Los Angeles. The Broadway play was coming to the Shubert theater. Here's the bottom line. To my ever living chagrin.

I lied on the application. 

You had to be a minimum of 5'8" to fit the yellow ball gown.

I'm almost 5'3" but I can PLAY 5'8".  

At the audition, there were rows and rows of gorgeous ladies, patiently standing in line waiting to run the short dance steps we learned and then sing a few bars.

I was in the second row standing side by side with these creatures who were part legs and part lungs.

Imagine what it looks like: 5'8" tall ladies, and then  me: a far enough past 5'2" that I may as well say 5'3", let alone 5'8"

Ha! It was so obvious!

The casting director was filled with grace and let me finish the audition when he should have called me out on the lie and tossed me on my bum!

It was clear, I was not going to make the cut. 

I am sorry for lying. Though I am proud of myself for trying against all odds!

So what does all of this have to do with Disney and Beauty and the Beast?

SoHo has a line of beauty tools and makeup bags with some characters, including Belle. 

Learn more here!

These SoHo products are exclusively at Walgreens.The Jasmine Exotic Eye collection is perfect for the beginner or seasoned pro when it comes to eye makeup.


Available Exclusively at Walgreens
Exotic Eyes Brush Set (3 piece)
  • Brow Shaping Brush Angled side to fill in brows and brush side to groom them.
  • Crease and Detail Brush Crease side for contouring lids and detail side for adding depth.
  • Fluff and Liner Brush Fluff side for eyeshadow and liner side for eyeliner.
  • Material: Nylon bristles

For those of you who grew up singing Ariel's song  "Part of Your World" while playing it on repeat, this brush set is for you! It's also for those of us who like to do some contouring in our foundation!


Available Exclusively at Walgreens
Magic Illusion Brush Set (2 piece)
  • Complexion Perfecting Brush large end blends away imperfections while the smaller end banishes dark circles under eyes.
  • Highlighting Brush: Wide, short base highlights cheekbones, bridge of nose and anywhere else you want to sparkle.
  • Material: Nylon bristles


Finally, a set of makeup bags with Belle and Beast. Sigh. This movie gets me every time.

There is also a train case and wristlet along with brushes in the Beauty and the Beast line from SoHo. I'm on my way to Walgreen's now to buy them! My blog received these samples, and I'm grateful. But knowing there is more, I'm instantly on the move to collect them. Oh yeah, I have an insane Disney Beauty and the Beast collection. It's like, cat lady crazy.

2-Piece Clutch Set
10 X 7.5 X 2.5

TGIF to you and Shabbat Shalom too!
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