Saturday, June 6, 2015

Entering the summer cycle of travel beauty: Top 10 things to have in your purse!

Hi ya Gorgeous,
Whoa-I can hardly believe that a week has gone by since was at LA Live for Generation Beauty.
Yes I am working on my round up and review of the bounty of products and on Monday I have planned a "how to" guide for using the Generation Beauty app to help you make the most of the New York Generation Beauty event!

 While in LA for the Generation Beauty event, I did get a lil time at the beach, but not enough! It's on the list for this summer to just bunk out on the beach for some serious swimming, castle building, shell hunting and then some!

Plus we have to make it to Legoland. Stat. We have annual passes and we have not been since New Year's Eve...evidenced by this photo!

So on to the cycle of summer travel. My family travels a lot. It seems we are always coming or going.

So I have gotten a new bag, with more structure and pockets and filled them with the things that I need to help make it through the summer travel while not looking like a sweaty banshee and keeping my kid covered in sunscreen too!

Here's the Top 10 list of things to have in y;postID=768379692536396355our purse to get through the summer cycle of travel!

First, you have to have sunscreen because, with kids and traveling it just makes good sense.

Second, you need a good hand cream like Molton Brown Gingerlilly replenishing hand cream.

 The scent on this Molton Brown hand cream is light and summery consisting of: warming ginger oil, exotic tuberose, spicy cedarwood, and white lily. You can find this summer travel essential in a 3 pack for $38.00 on Amazon, and Nordstroms.

The Blend

A nourishing body lotion blended with enriching Polynesian tamunu nut oil and moisturising white lily extract.

Formerly known as Heavenly Gingerlily.

The fragrance
Top note: Warming ginger oil
Middle note: Exotic Tuberose
Base note: Spicy Cedarwood
Extract: White lily
- See more at:
 Third, you need a sunscreen in a stick! No-Ad Sport 50 is perfect for your purse because it's compact, effective, can be swiped on the kids without complaints of stinging eyes and it won't spray or leak in your purse. I keep mine in a ziploc bag just in case...

 The No-Ad brand can  be found at mass retailers nationwide and this retails for about $5 bucks!

 Fourth, you need dry shampoo because it will help you and the family go from playing to an event or meal in a nice restaurant without having wet stringy hair, or worse, sweaty and matted hair.
The Batiste brand is a favorite, I just need to pick it up in a travel size!

 Fifth, a really good comb like the John Frieda smooth & shine sleek FINISH comb. This tool can smooth the wild cowlicks in my Mancub's hair, while teasing and shaping mine from a surfing matte into a messy french twist!

The deep-shine silicone strip on the tail comb creakes shine, smoothes flyaways and helps reduce frizz. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Find this comb at mass retailers in the hair care aisle.

Sixth, hair ties. And lots of them. You know why? You can use them in your hair, sideways as an accessory and it you are petite like me and your maxi dress it too maxi, you can use them to cinch up the hem a bit and have it be stylish while matching your hair. Sort of like matching your scrunchy to your socks a la Jessica Simpson.

Seventh, you need a lil compact bit of deoderant, just in case you get stinky. Whish makes single use, wallet sized deoderant wipes. Amazing!

 I always pack a toothbrush and toothpaste because I'm a brushing fanatic. BUT! If I were picking a wee item for dental care while traveling, I would pick the DenTek whitening floss pick because it can be shared among the family members and serves more purposes than one!

 And because it's usually me who does all of the driving, planning, organizing, situation'izing-at the end of the day I want a glass of good red wine. Though not a big purpley smile-so I keep a Wine Wipe in my purse...just in case I've had wine and now need to take a photo!
These things work, and taste good too!

And number 10-you need to have a fast day to night face in your purse and that can usually happen with mascara and lipstick. I vote for Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes as the go to in my bag and my new favorite lipstick is Devocean by Pacifica.

Stay tuned! I will be review those two Generation Beauty items this week!

Enjoy the top 10 list and your summer travel fun!

To recap: The Top 10 Summer Travel Beauty Items to Carry In Your Purse are:
1. Hand Sanitizer
2. Hand Creme
3. Sunscreen
4. Dry Shampoo
5. Comb
6. Hair Ties
8. Tooth pick/floss
9. Wine Wipes ( or wine...)
10. Mascara and lipstick
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!