Friday, June 19, 2015

TGIF, Shabbat Shalom, and the Murad Acne Anti-Aging follow up

TGIF Gorgeous!
Here in Arizona, it's still very smokey from the Kearny fire.
I'm staying in doors to avoid the asthma trigger of smoke.

I'm also getting ready for my Shabbat with the fam and we have a movie marathon of Ghostbusters planned! My son is about to meet Slimer for the first time!

Before I go, I mentioned on Monday that I would be testing the Murad Acne Anti-Aging line and report back with what I experienced.
So far. I'm in love. As I have had a weird week of breakouts, like severe breakouts which I think is attributed to I tested a new "abeetoxin' mask, while wearing a dirty visor for running and using a new long wearing foundation, all of these contributed to more breakouts in the week than I see in a year.

I stopped all that I was doing and using. I focused on the 3 step Murad Acne Anti-Aging line and with in three days all was clear. I used it this morning and still like the products.

1) The cleanser is great and does remove my makeup-though with the "long wearing" makeup, I had to use my skin shammy to get all traces of the makeup off with the Murad cleanser.

2) The star of the line is the step #2 for treatment: it combines something for anti-aging and youth while mixing it with an acne clearing ingredient. Love!

3) The moisturizer: this is nice-and I like it for day, but at night I need more and by Thursday I had gone back to using my Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture from Murad.

Long story short: if you are an adult and want something for acne prevention and clearing alongside a program for anti-aging, consider this new line from Murad! (*note-the cleanser is available now and the serum with lotion will be available July 1st!)

Shabbat Shalom!

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