Sunday, June 14, 2015

How To: Flower Hair from Butterfly Studio Salon

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
W elcome to the summer afternoon edition of Makeup University.
Here I have a short "diy" for you and how to get a fresh take on an old 'do for the summer!

The best summer hair accessory? Flowers! 

Take your hair to the next level by adding beautiful flowers. Try this effortless braided look from the  owner of Butterfly Studio Salon, Kattia Solano. This style is ideal for any hair length and perfect for summer outings.

How To: Flower Hair
1.       First step: set the crown area with a small curing iron.
2.       For the rest of hair, take random sections and simply wrap the hair vertically around the rod. This will give it a bit of wave and texture.
3.       Spray with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray before you brush out for hold, grip, and a better style.
4.       Softly brush out to amplify waves and enhance texture. (Don't worry, we are not looking for perfection - think more along the lines of rolling around the garden instead!)
5.       Braid hair over to one side and secure.
6.       Open the braid and create a soft frame (wave/swoop) in the front.
7.       Take your flowers and cut to desired length, keeping the stems long and choosing wider and fuller flowers.
8.       Place the flowers by sticking into the braid and secure with a bobby pin.
9.       Design your own way, follow your inspiration, and break the rules. An added idea to create a look with more drama is to apply flowers through the length of the braid.

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