Friday, June 26, 2015

TGIF with Bellesentials metallic temporary tattoos: perfect for concerts and adventures

 Hi ya Gorgeous!

TGIF to you!
There are so many festivals and concerts happening over the summer and I think a fun way to up your fashion anty is to add some body art in the form of a temporary metallic tattoo.

It doesn't matter if you have fair skin or tan skin, these look amazing and were all over the place at Generation Beauty in Los Angeles last month.

I received some metallic tattoos from Bellesentials and have already begun to wear them.

Here is what I is available on Amazon for $12.90 with Prime free shipping: 5 sheets plus a bonus sheet in multiple different designs and styles.

 Please notice the bright red sticker-this is the bonus sheet!

 Each of the sheets has a distinct and different design.

 Some of the Bellesentials metallic temporary tattoos are a "band" style that can wrap around your wrist, ankle, or arm.

 I think this sheet below looks like it has a tribal influence to it?

 These are my favorite because of the bright pop of turquoise color with the gold.

 This set has a large medallion shaped metallic temporary tattoo that is perfect for wearing as a necklace/accent piece with you swimsuit for some beach and pool side style.

Applying the Bellesentials temporary tattoo is easy and just like you would a regular temporary tattoo.

First, select your design, cut it out from the sheet, and pull of the clear backing. Then place the design face down on the body part you want to apply the metallic temporary tattoo on.

Once it is in place, get a damp sponge or wash cloth and place it over the design and hold there for 30-60 seconds.

 Do not peek or test the application process. If you lift up on the damp backing before the temporary tattoo has completely transferred it could wrinkle and rip the design, ruining the tattoo.

 Now that it has been a full 60  seconds, I remove the wet washcloth and starting from one end of the tattoo backing I gently pull it back and off the skin to reveal my new Bellesentials metallic temporary tattoo design!

These are a fun and whimsy way to add some style to your next adventure!

Get your Bellesentials metallic temporary tattoo on Amazon here!
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