Tuesday, June 9, 2015

World Ocean Day 2015: a day late for a reason

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
Yesterday was World Ocean Day. I chose to write about it the day after because I think that sometimes, the hoopla of the day keeps the issue in front of people and in their thoughts, but just for that day.

So in an effort to continue the cause for a healthy ocean, I write today!

Here's the low down from the World Ocean day website:
The theme for this year is Healthy oceans, healthy planet. Explore the site to learn how you can hold an event for World Oceans Day, or take action for the ocean on your own.
World Oceans Day, held every June 8th, is the United Nations-recognized day of ocean celebration and action. People all over our blue planet organize celebrations – which can be a huge event in your community, a special announcement, or anything in between – to support action to protect the ocean. This year, the theme is Healthy oceans, healthy planet, and we’re making a special effort to stop plastic pollution.

I absolutely love the ocean and it's creatures. Some I like to eat, some are kind of scary.
I think that the reducing plastic is key to help heal the ocean.

While I Generation Beauty in Los Angeles the water was in a box. Like instead of having a bottle of water, it was a box of water, like a milk carton. I happen to think that's brilliant and why didn't we switch to that sooner?

So let's talk product. It wouldn't be a Makeup University post without it!

For those of us who can't get to the ocean beach, we have Schwarzkopf Got2B beach trippin' salt infusion waving spray. For memaid wavy waves to go with my mermaid like thighs.

Make everyday a day at the beach with göt2b beach trippin’ saltinfusion WAVING SPRAY. For that alluring mermaid look you crave with textured, windblown, voluminous waves and tousled beachy tresses. Natural salts infuse a deliciously rough texture and piecey waves. Formulated with moisturizing ingredients so there’s no crunch! Whether you’re in the sun or shade, get crazy 4 mermaid waves!

trip out: Spray evenly on dry or damp hair. Scrunch or tousle-style as desired. Blow-dry or let the wind do the rest.
Find it at mass retailers like Walmart or Ulta and it's in the $5 range!

Now, before we close out on the World Ocean Day and beach healing, remember to find products that are "reef safe" for when you are actually in the water.

Like the susncreen from the MyChelle brand! Enjoy!

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