Saturday, June 20, 2015

Madesco cold brew coffee bags: for summer iced coffee and more

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It's so hot in Arizona, I literally feel like this:

 We are out of the excessive heat warning for today, but there is another excessive heat warning for Monday. Thanks for nothing Mother Nature!

So today I want to share how to get your summer iced coffee to keep cool with while not breaking the budget!

Meet Madesco and their cold brew coffee bags.

I got mine from Amazon with Prime and free shipping, so the total cost for two reusable bags is $13.99.

To start my Madesco cold brew bag experiment: I have a pitcher to brew in ( because I want to make a lot at one time but you can do one cup at a time too) the Madesco bags and my favorite Gevalia Majestic bold coffee.
 Inside the brown package are 2 Madesco cold brew coffee filters, though I am only going to use one for this batch.

 When I open up the package there are two bags and instructions. There is a hand made quality to these bags and there are slight nuances between them in color, and I consider that a good thing.

 The very first thing you need to do is to sterilize  the bags before your first cold brew in them. The instructions recommend a simmer for five minutes.

 Being the germaphobe that I am, no simmer for me, I bust out with a full on boil for ten minutes.

I remove the Madesco cold brew coffee pouches from the boiling water and lay them out on my dish drainer to dry.

 Now that the cold brew bag is dry, I fill it with about a 1/2 cup of Gevalia Majestic roast coffee.

Personally, I would like to have stayed with the directions and put a full cup of coffee grounds in, though this is for the whole family to use, so I need to make it just a hair weaker than what I normally like to drink. Personally, I like coffee so strong it comes with a punch!

Now it's time to pour cool water over the grounds inside the cold brew coffee pouch slowly so grounds don't float up and out turning your smooth cold brew into more of a gritty cowboy style.

 I tied the coffee cold brew bag shut and then secured it to the handle of my pitcher.
You can see in the photo that the coffee is already beginning to infuse the water.

 Now all is said and done and this pitcher is ready to go into the refrigerator overnight to brew up my morning coffee!

It's morning! I have a pot with some cashew milk and ten drops of vanilla stevia in it slowly simmering and next I add some of my cold brew coffee to wine up with this...

Ta da! It's a steaming hot Wookie mug full of smooth, sweet, flavorful coffee with some added health benefits of cold brewing. While I am enjoying this, the kids are getting ice in their cups for something that is cold and mellow with a little bit of caffeine kick.

In short, I'm loving my Madesco cold brew coffee pouch and you can get yours on Amazon here.

P.S. Clean up is so simple: dump out the grounds, rinse out the bag, set aside to dry. Done. Ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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