Saturday, June 27, 2015

Supergoop! mineral sunscreen and spray: what you Independence Day weekend needs!

Happy Saturday Gorgeous!
 Time to get "goopy" with it! This month my Mancub has had swimming lessons every day and now we will finish out the next three weeks of July with lessons. As well as a couple of trips to the beach.

We already live in the desert. That's a lot of sun exposure!

 Enter SuperGoop! Sunscreens-the best in a product that feels good on the skin, doesn't sting kid eyes and doesn't contain any controversial ingredients!

As we continue to get "goopy" with iit-this new mineral sunscreen for the face is my fave for layering over my normal skincare routine from Murad that has sunscreen, but I like to double down and hedge my bets and apply another layer when I know I am going to be out side in the direct sun.

 The Supergoop! skin soothing mineral sunscreen is part barrier sunscreen and perfect for the face. It's available on the SG website in two sizes and prices, $16 and $28.

p.s. When you see the price and if it feels uncomfortable, just remember how expensive outpatient surgery is to remove a melanoma and how much that process can hurt.

Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 delivers super broad spectrum UV protection with a delicate touch. Developed with olive polyphenols, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and known to calm redness, irritation and inflammation, this lightweight, hypoallergenic, feel-good formula is ideal for even the most sensitive skin types.

What Makes This Goop Super
• Physical, zinc oxide UV protection creates a physical barrier on skin’s surface, effective at protecting against UV rays immediately upon application
• Lightweight texture easily emulsifies onto skin without leaving a white veil or residue
• Olive polyphenols are potent antioxidants effective at calming redness, irritation and IRA induced inflammation which leads to premature photoaging
Who This Is Ideal For
Great for those with sensitive skin or if you’re for a soothing everyday mineral susncreen to layer under your favorite foundation or color coverage product.

Now let's talk the spray mist- and how easy it is to hose down a squirmy kid!

First to market, non-aerosol sunscreen mist, with superior UV protection, antioxidant-fueled hydration and Vitamin C to prevent free radical damage and deliver a radiant glow.
What Makes This Goop Super
• Non-aerosol, airless bag delivery system provides a continuous mist application and eliminates gaseous skin irritating chemicals
• Formulated with 35% less alcohol than other sprays so skin is less dehydrated
• Can be applied to dry or wet skin, making it a great waterside companion with 80 minutes of water resistance
• Vitamin C antioxidant protects from free radical damage while helping to lessen dark spots
Who Is This Ideal For
One of our most universal formulas suitable for all skin types. Convenient mist application makes it perfect for use while playing sports ensuring a no-slip grip on your racquet or club.

Now one thing that is not in this review but iis a must purchase from Supergoop! and that is the meadowfoam sunscreen oil.
For anyone with sensitivities, medical conditions, has anti-aging concerns or just loves to hug trees-this is by far a superior product that is way underrated!

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