Sunday, June 14, 2015

Phoenix Fashion Week Launch Party at LiveWire: the Designer Bootcamp & Model of the Year recap

Hello Gorgeous and month of Tammuz!
Woot! Bring it!

So far, the "Summer of Something" is going well. I've taught myself to sew. I've partnered with an app for the blog as well as kicked off the summer book club. If that isn't just fun overload, then I also have some general fun and mayhem planned for later in the week.

That said, things are awesome.

Now, here is a wee recap of the  Phoenix Fashion Week Launch party for the Designer Bootcamp and Model of the Year. I did live Tweet and post on Instagram, but this post is for those of you who are SnapChatters.

Say hello to the Phoenix Fashion Week Launch Party play by play!

First off, since the family are in North Dakota, its up to Beatrix to ride shot gun to Phoenix with me.

 This is her first road trip since she came home to us. We are pit stopping in the Wickenburg rest stop to stretch her legs. No go. She just wanted to sniff everthing!

 This lil number is a throwback to the days gone by! That's Jessica Kinni, in a fashion film produced by 3 Chicks Production and none other than my pal Chante Trepte.

 So here I am, in my new NYX Berry Streudel butter cream lip gloss and gladiator boots paired with a casual evening gown. Bring it Phoenix Fashion Week!

 I arrived with Chante and Momma Jackie for the press conference to learn more about each designer and what they would like to accomplish with their designs.
Note; Chante and I are "matchers" with our gold dresses! Coincidence? I think not!

 Holla back two times for Momma Jackie! She oozes style and grace mixed with wisdom.
 Here the Phoenix Fashion Week Designer Bootcamp 13 are lined up and ready to answer questions for the press.
 After this, and with the long busy day and drive with a quick turn around, the 3 of us fashion gals needed food! We headed across the street to Majerle's sports bar for a quick bite. I was going to eat healthy, but then again, you only live once!

 Have I ever mentioned how socially awkward I am? I know I need to be out in the event, mingling, networking and blah blah blahing...but I get so nervous that I tend to hide out in the bathroom.

 The runway is ready and seats in place. The show is about to start!
 My view is from upstairs in a VIP booth, that's why everything is kinda sideways. These are the 13 Designer Bootcamp participants on stage, and their 13 designs they entered into this leg of the competition are on the models standing below them.

 The Model of the Year 40 contestants are lined up and ready to hear who has won the "Headshot Challenge". It went to Shivi and Jesus who were photographed by Roman.

Phew! There you have it. The event held at LiveWire in DownTown Scottsdale was fun and informational. Congratulations to all of the designers and models!

At the end of the day, it all comes back to product! Here I am getting ready for the event.

I was snickering in Generation Beauty in Los Angeles when I saw the NYX Berry Streudel gloss. I had no idea what I was in for! I love it! It's amazing feel and outrageousness is why I chose to wear it to the launch party.

And this Beauty and the Beast SoHo makeup bag is my "evening bag" because I forgot to pack one and there was no way I was taking the new big polka dot bag.

Too bad the NYX Berry Streudel busted open inside! Now Belle and Beast are purple. Great.

When all was said and done at the event, Momma Jackie and I enjoyed a cocktail. Yep. That's the way it goes at these events.

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!