Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kiss Kiss! Ick? Ick? Or KissSafe?

 Hi ya Gorgeous,
Well, it never ceases to amaze me that necessity is the mother of inventions.

So I received a sample of KissSafe, a fresh breath oral antiseptic.
Wow, where was this when I was a teenager?

Anyhoo-I've tried my sample. Though I usually only kiss my dog, 2 cats and kid. Those four didn't really comment on my fresh breath. Though maybe...if I have this in my purse a chance to kiss a handsome prince will come along? Or at least a frog?

KissSafe because up to 80 million germs and oral bugs are passed in each and every kiss!


KISSSAFE Oral Antiseptic is a patent pending composition designed to kill germs in the oral cavity, Several other natural ingredients support the mucous membrane coating and microbial deactivating actions of the formulation. 
The product is delivered to the mouth by means of a metered pump dose spray bottle.Two or three three sprays are considered a dose. Original KISSSAFE is flavored with natural peppermint.

(This is me using the KissSafe before having a wee Skype chat with the SweetTart. No kissing. But just in case...)


Use KISSSAFE before or after kissing or similar acts of intimacy,
to kill germs in the mouth and freshen breath.
And just about anytime you want that rush of mint-fresh breath.

Kiss. Dont Risk™
Original KISSSAFE is a ‘Spray-before-you-play’ great tasting, mint-flavored Breath Spray that freshens breath while killing germs in the mouth. Make your intimate kiss and every kiss – KISSSAFE
You’re Welcome.

 Boy, I bet the EDC in Las Vegas this week could sell this stuff by the palette load!
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