Friday, June 19, 2015

TGIF! Mastey Paris Color Protecting styling line for beach hair in the desert

Hello Gorgeous!

Well, it's so hot here in Arizona right now. Like, I'm not complaining, but-at some point-this heat becomes simply ridiculous!

 We have an excessive heat warning. Darn it! My friend's car thermometer actually read 124 degrees yesterday afternoon. I believe it!

Photo courtesy of ABC 15 Phoenix website.

So if I can be at the beach, I may as well have beachy like hair. Enter Mastey and their new Beach Spray.

I have 3 samples from Mastey Paris: the Color Protecting Beach Spray, Color Protecting Volumizing Foam and the Color Protecting Styling Gel.

In these photos, I'm getting ready for a Skype session so naturally I do full hair and makeup. I'm using the Mastey Color Protecting Volumizing Foam.

The Mastey Color Protecting line is made with anti-oxidants grapeseed extract, certified argan oil and olive oil. It's sulfate free, paraben free, vegan and gluten free.

I put a nice dollop in my palm and work it into the roots of my hair. Then I spray and work the Mastey Beach Spray into the ends of my hair.

I do a light dry with my hair and scrunch my ends to make them more wavy.

This is the  finished look after using the Mastey Volumizing Foam and Beach Spray.
I also have a sample of the Styling Gel from Mastey and will use in my son's hair and post on Instagram!
The Mastey styling products are about $20 each and can be found on the website here!

Now, next step is to get into the salon and get a fresh coat of color!

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