Monday, June 8, 2015

How to use the Generation Beauty app for the New York City

Holla Gorgeous!
Happy Monday. I love Mondays!
Now it's over a week since I have attended the Generation Beauty event in Los Angeles at the LA Live event deck.

Loved it! In fact, I will have my review videos and product review posts coming out this week. Why so long?
 Because when I got home last Monday, I instantly launched into LEGO Robotic Camp Mom mode for my Mancub's week of engineering and building robots.
I created a "how to" video for the Generation Beauty app. Why? Because it's news I wish I had before I got to the event. Yes, I had a plan. But I didn't have enough of a plan or a Plan B, Plan C and a Plan C 1/2.

Now about that video...

You have to be ready for this new feature at Generation Beauty. The "Line Closed" sign is about crowd control, honoring fire marshal policy and over all safety of the people at the event.

Note to self, learn how to use the app, and learn it well. Enjoy! Please remember to like, comment and subscribe to the video! Thank you!

You can get more out of your New York event than I got out of my Los Angeles by learning how to use the app!

Add me on the app: Cherelynn Baker! Hope you enjoy the video!

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