Friday, June 26, 2015

TGIF with Revlon hair styling tools for fresh summer looks in the heat!

TGIF Gorgeous!

Whoa! Where did the month of June go? Do you realize today is the last Friday in June?
I'm stunned at how fast time is going. I better slow down and smell the roses more!

So here in Arizona it is blistering hot and thankfully the family is getting ready to go to Southern California for a week long break.

Funny, I think in July, all of the state of Arizona goes to San Diego. At least once!

 This is me in Santa Monica in May after Generation Beauty. I'm on the Ferris Wheel!

Now it's time to meet the Revlon hair style tools of summer!

If you, like me, due to the heat, have been keeping your hair up off of your sweaty neck with a ponytail, you are going to be pleasantly surprised by what Revlon has available for you to look fresh and stylish and ban the boring ponytail for a while!

 There are 3 headbands and a set of clips in this picture. I love the elastic head bands with their velvet inside to stay put on hair. I love how they look and stay in place! Normally, when I wear a headband, it slips right off immediately. I think I have a cone shaped head?

The pearl head band is a perfect accent to go from beach to party. Ask me how I know! The clips are great for holding up stray hairs, securing a bun, or if you are growing out bangs, keeping them to the side. Oy! I always think I want to cut bangs.... do I want to?

 This my friends. Is your new summer hair magic. This is also how you are going to get rid of the boring ponytail.

 The video does a demonstration of how to use it. So far, I love it. Even if all of my hair won't cover the bendy stick simple bun maker. Anything, to not wear a ponytail in this heat 7 days a week!

 Finally, this is the Revlon Scalp Sensations extra-gentle bristles plus frizz free brush. It's perfect for de-tangling beach head, bed head, and smoothing flyaways!

Revlon hair products can be found at mass retailers like Target and Walmart nationwide.

Now here is a wee video demonstrating these fun summer hair styling tools!

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