Saturday, June 20, 2015

PRO Beauty Tools 1" Professional Gold Curling Iron: real curls for a real long time!

Happy Saturday!

Here in Arizona, it's hot and smokey. Literally. The Kearny fire is being fought and contained but like that time I was flying to Japan and smokers could have a cigarette in the back of the plane-you just can't contain smoke!

Now, I'm getting ready for a shin dig with the fam and I used the new sample from PRO Beauty Tools.

This curling iron is stylist recommended and has a "24 hour curl lock" feature meaning it gets so hot that the hair curls are sealed in!

It's a 1 inch professional gold curling iron with advanced heat technology which is ideal for all hair types.

 That's a spring clamp with stand and a top heat of 430 degrees. The barrel is 24 karat gold plated which conducts high even heat. The superior professional heating system covers the entire inner surface of the barrel to distribute heat faster.

 The electronic sensor detects heat loss and signals heating system to boost the iron's heat for a consistent performance.

 I put in a four large curls and then let them set and brushed them smooth for a lot of volume.

*Checking in 2 days later-yup, alot of curl and volume left to my hair. Now it's time to shower!

Get your PRO Beauty Tools curling iron at for about $22 and at Target stores.
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