Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Beauty trends forecast
5 Workouts Celebrities Swear By

What do Jennifer Aniston, Eva Mendes, and Reese Witherspoon have in common? These awesome exercise routines you must try

5 Workouts Celebrities Swear By

This is a workouts for women article

Sure we'd all love to look like ol' Reese, but we don't have the funds for a personal trainer to whip us into shape every day. That's why we hunted down the best personal trainers in Hollywood and got them to share the five hottest celeb workouts -- for free. See them now.

Look like Jen

Hello Gorgeous!
Happy New Year! It's the 4th day-how are your resolutions going? What ever you are working on-I applaud you!
Now, if I may be so bold as to share a few personal predictions for beauty in the coming 2012 year!
1. The tangerine lip/nail color will not go away until the masses wear it. So please, go get your tube and bottle of tangerine ( red/orange) lipstick and start applying now!
2. The glossy eye is back. For those of us who wore it went it first came around with Chanel - Le Regard Lacque in red and black, you'll be happy to know that now at least this look is a bronzy brown tone-great for spring break and looking Jersey Shore'ish during the winter.
3. There is a huge focus coming forward on fancy lips and eyelashes. I'm a big fan of both-though these glittery lips ( think Violent Lips brand-awesome!) and white or neon pink feather eyelash sets may not be for your job at the bank or office, they sure are perfect for evenings and parties out!
4. One trend I am not a fan of-but wait til you see the upcoming People's Choice awards-the writing on face/nails is huge in the makeup underground. I will not be surprised at all when celebrities take the stage wearing written political statements on their faces and bodies.
5. Alas, the look I personally hope takes hold is the feathered Farrah Fawcett look from her character Jill Munroe. It's not that I want to cut my hair in heavy side layers, I just want to round brush it back and finger beach curl the sides for a quasi Fawcett look a 'la Charlie's Angels.

Stay tuned, I have a new You Tube video coming out with these very looks demonstrated!

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