Monday, January 23, 2012

FaceLube for men young & old to get Super Bowl ready!
8 DIY Skin Care Remedies

Is your medicine cabinet overflowing with zit creams and dry skin cures? Stop buying more products and start cooking up your own skin care remedies at home

8 DIY Skin Care Remedies

This is a skin care article

If your bathroom is inundated with potions that promise to fix your skin care woes -- but don't -- it's time to create your own remedies from ingredients you can find in your own backyard. Before you protest, saying that you simply don't have time for a DIY project, check out these 8 recipes. They're easy and quick to mix.

Fix skin issues

Hello Gorgeous!
This story is for men: young and old alike-
I've been given a sample and have tried it on my skin and it's this new product called FaceLube.

I really enjoyed the scentless products, and how they make dry skin feel hydrated. I think with continued use there could be a definate turn around in the appearance of the skin!

So guys-get some FaceLube and get your skin ready for Super Bowl parties,Valentine's Day, Spring Breaks and Graduation ceremonies!

The woman behind FaceLube®: Candace Chen
She is the world's foremost authority on the marketing of Masculine Face Care™ (men's skin care and men's anti-aging) products. Her credentials include over 150 US & int'l patents issued & pending. She is also the author of the 'Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men' article series - an unprecedented in-depth and candid look at the Beauty Industry's marketing approach towards men and its multi-billion dollar problem, as a result of long held misconceptions of masculinity.

FaceLube was founded by Candace Chen, as the result of a personal passion in couture and beauty to explore possibilities in cutting edge cosmeceuticals and offer innovative marketing solutions to the beauty indust
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