Monday, January 2, 2012

GLEAM by Melanie Mills-helps keep you on your 2012 New Years resolutions
3 Beauty Trends for New Year's Eve

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3 Beauty Trends for New Year's Eve

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Happy New Year Gorgeous!
It's day 2 of this amazing year 2012. How are your resolutions doing?
I'm guessing you may have made a health or fitness goal and are working hard towards it and the GLEAM product from Dancing with the Stars ( oh and so much more!) makeup artist Melanie Mills can help you.
How? By enhancing your skin appearance and making you feel beautiful?
The better you feel the better you will stick to your goals!
So enjoy reading a bit about Ms. Mills and the product she created and better yet-watch the video!
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GLEAM, the makeup line created by
Melanie Mills (former head makeup artist for Dancing with the Stars) which
has been used on the celebrity contestants / dancers for the past 12
seasons. It really is an amazing product, and the producers have recently
made it mandatory that all participants on the show use the product. The
line is currently available nationwide, and retails for $40 a bottle at the
largest size (there are two smaller tubes as well). Best part is, it comes
in four different shades and can be used on every skin tone and type (it has
been used by everyone from Kirstie Alley to Kim Kardashian to Jennifer

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