Friday, January 20, 2012

West of Memphis BBQ-delicious-come get some at Scottsdale Barrett Jackson
The 15 Best Beauty Tips We've Ever Heard

Beauty editors hear thousands of beauty tips a day, but these are the 15 they live by

The 15 Best Beauty Tips We've Ever Heard

This is a beauty tips article

Oh, we've heard it all. From live fish pecking at your feet to remove dead skin, to using eye cream to heal chapped lips, the amount of beauty tips we get is overwhelming. But which tips do we actually use ourselves? Here are the 15 we swear by.

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Hello Gorgeous!
The Barrett Jackson car auction has been going on all week-Saturday is the big day for the best cars to come across the auction block! If you haven't come out to the show-come out and bring your family!

I'm at the Bondurant Corvette Hot Lap/GM Ride and Drive experience and the neighbor to it is the West of Memphis BBQ portable tailgating and backyard BBQ. All day I smell this amazing sweet, smokey, BBQ'y delicious smell!

I have tasted, and re-tasted the pulled pork. It's cooked to perfection with a spice rub and then you get a lil'bit of sopping sauce! Don't take my word for it-come get some!
If you can't make it out-go here and see what the big deal is! Now, I did put up a picture of the backyard BBQ set up I would like in my backyard! The bigger the better!
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