Friday, January 20, 2012

Sue Devitt Beauty Day & Night Neutrals at Scottsdale Barrett Jackson car auction
Do You Have the Right Hair Color?

Even Mother Nature can goof sometimes. See what hair color you should've been born with here

Do You Have the Right Hair Color?

This is a hair color article

Do you feel like your mousy brown hair color doesn't express who you really are? Were you born a blonde but think you are meant to be redhead? See which hair color best matches your personality with this quiz.

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Hey Gorgeous!
I am out at the Scottsdale Barrett Jackson car auction ( as seen on SPEED Channel) and it's a fun family event complete with free hot laps with professional Bondurant drivers at the GM driving experience.
Enjoy this short video and see you out there!

Products used:
Foundation: Avon Extra Lasting
Eye highlighter/lid primer Lancome
Eyeshadow/Blush/Lipstick: Sue Devitt Beauty Day and Night Neutrals
Eyeliner: Lancome Artliner
Mascara: Lancome Hypnose
Eyebrows: Brow Diva Sophia

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