Friday, September 9, 2011

Episode 7 in web series featuring: Modella & Trina bags plus fibre tips for you!
What Your Esthetician Won't Tell You

You'll be surprised to find out what your esthetician was keeping from you the last time you were getting steamed and extracted

What Your Esthetician Won't Tell You

This is a facial skin care article

Whether you think getting a facial is a big beauty treat or a total waste of your hard-earned cash, one thing is certain: You'll want to make sure the esthetician who's working on you knows what she's doing. Are all facialists as well-trained as they should be? Do they urge you to buy skin care products even they wouldn't use? Check out these eight secrets your esthetician won't tell you.

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Hello Gorgeous!
Sorry for the late post on the blog-the web series goes faster! Enjoy this update on fun, fashionable Fall makeup bags with Modella and Trina.

Both of these brands can easily be picked up at a Walmart or Target in a $5-20 range!

Now-I pack 2 and the staples of each are: Mascara, nude liner, brown eyeliner, floss pik, 4 bobby pins, aspirin, mini bronzer, tinted moisturizer & cough drops!
Enjoy the web series video and stay tuned for more!

P.S. Thank God it's Friday! Have a fun and safe weekend with your loved ones!
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