Sunday, September 18, 2011

Get your neighbor and go to church! It's National Back to Church Sunday

What is Back to Church Sunday?

This year, National Back to Church Sunday kicks off on September 18th, 2011. National Back to Church Sunday is a special day set aside each year on the third Sunday of September when thousands of people who do not regularly attend church are invited and welcomed to a church near them. On that day, thousands of churches will open their doors and welcome everyone who would like to rediscover church.

"Only two percent of church members invite an un-churched person to church. Ninety-eight percent of churchgoers never extend an invitation in a given year." –LifeWay Research

Organizers say most people who drop out of church haven't lost their faith in God, they simply fell out of the habit of churchgoing. Some moved or had a change in life circumstances, or they had a falling out with their former church and simply drifted away. Most often, life became too busy. This means many of them could be open to returning to church.

"82% of the unchurched are at least somewhat likely to attend church if invited"
–Dr. Thom Rainer, The Unchurched Next Door

I'm so excited about inviting my neighbors to come experience City of Grace in Mesa. If you want to, meet me there! Bring your kids too because Grace Kidz is so much fun!
Let's meet at 9:40 in front of the main building by the coffee tables-I'm the one with the arm full of tattoos and long brown hair-I really look in person just like my picture. The music is awesome-so come for the fun of it! Church starts at 10 and we don't want to miss a beat. See you Sunday!

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