Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love AMIKA nourishing hair mask!
My Three-Day Detox on the "Fruit Flush"

Lured by promises of weight loss and clear skin, one editor set out to try the "Fruit Flush" Detox. See if it worked

My Three-Day Detox on the

This is a diet article

If hearing the word "detox" makes you shudder (but you also feel sluggish and wouldn't mind losing a few pounds), Jay Robb's Three-Day "Fruit Flush" might be just right for you. See one editor's experience on this detox and find out whether she really did lose up to nine pounds in three days.

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Hello Gorgeous!
I first learned about Amika products when I tested the hair oil-filled with sea buckthorn berry and enriched with argan oil. I loved the scent, feel and results I had in my slightly wavy always bratty hair. The Labor Day weekend brought alot of sun, running, biking ,swimming in chlorine and basic fun and mayhem with my family.
I was so excited to see my sample arrive just in time to glop up my hair in the Amika nourishing hairmask and put a baggy on it to sit for 15 minutes and relax. The instructions say 5 minutes, but wait-a little is good, some more is better so surely that means alot more is best! Off came the baggy from my hair and when I rinsed it I could just feel the fatness of my hair strands! Like each one had been fed a big dose of vitamins!
If I was really thinking, and not fried from the excessive heat warning in Arizona-I would have taken a before picture. Sorry about that.
Don't take my word for it-get your own at or or !

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