Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ONE natural body soap: 2 scents to get over the mid-week hump slump
8 Secrets Your Esthetician Doesn't Want You to Know

Getting monthly facials cost a pretty penny -- but are they worth it? Find out

.8 Secrets Your Esthetician Doesn't Want You to Know

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Putting your pretty face in the care of an esthetician might not sound as dangerous as, say, cliff diving, but after hearing these secrets facialists don't want you to know, you might think twice before going in for your monthly visit.

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Hello Gorgeous!
Happy Hump Day to you! Look at these two bars of soap: one is called Blast from the Past -that's the bar on the left of the photo and the other on the right of the photo is Citrus Peel.
No plastic, recyclable, cruelty free and a natural beauty product- what more do you need to get over the mid week slump?
Remember to take extra time to care for yourself in the middle of all the pressures of work and family-create a space to relax in and take time to smell the roses, laugh and enjoy your loved ones!
The New York Fashion Week has many of us in the beauty industry busy with stories and trends-so I'm going to take a moment and relax with my Citrus Peel soap! You can learn more about the ONE line of natural beauty products at
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