Monday, September 19, 2011

NYFW 2011-my wrap up the New York Fashion show week
10 Best Drugstore Products for Fall

See the 10 budget buys chosen by a celebrity makeup artist that will help you get the hottest looks for fall

10 Best Drugstore Products for Fall

This is a budget makeup article

We always thought A-list people shopped at A-list stores for their A-list beauty products. But, as it turns out, even celebrities -- and their makeup artists -- get thrifty with it. We took celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman to our local CVS to pick his brain about the best budget buys for the season. And he walked us around the store, pointing out his current top 10 makeup favorites.

See his list

Hello Gorgeous! Wow, survived another amazing New York Fashion Week and there are so many beautiful looks coming out! I have two 'looks' in particular that are favorites and that is the Dior Eyes and Avon hair. Below are photos and 'how to' instructions for getting the looks. Tune in to Women's Wear Daily online to get the full scope of the clothes, accessories and looks!

Get Harley's Look!
Eyes: NEW Dior Velvet Eyes, Dior 3-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Smoky Nude, Diorshow Blackout Mascara
Lips: Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Zinnia Red #743
Cheeks: Diorblush in English Rose
Skin: Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation #400, Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen

The Inspiration: In working with Richard Chai, Tippi Shorter says: “The look very much reflects Richard’s inspiration for his collection with a loose, light and disheveled look on top and then straight and smooth on the bottom. It’s really ‘day two hair.’ The best way to get this look is by not having freshly washed hair, but hair that’s a little lived in, that’s straight or wavy hair, but the look doesn’t lend itself to curly hair.”

Step-by-Step Styling:
This style incorporates a lot of products, so before you begin styling, prep hair by using Avon Advance Techniques 3D Rescue Leave-in Treatment.
On dry hair apply Avon Advance Techniques Volumizing Spray Gel around the front, sides and top of the hair, spraying close to the roots and on the top, but avoiding the bottom of the hair. Then power dry the hair by scrunching to create volume and texture to create a lived in texture.
Create the deep side part and continue to use the drier, scrunching and sweeping the hair to fall effortlessly across the forehead.
Spray Avon Advance Techniques Medium Hold Hair Spray into your hand and start scrunching back while collecting the hair in a chunky, loose, low ponytail allowing the deep side of the part to fall across the forehead and sweep behind the ears. Secure it at the nape using a bungee band. Put more Medium Hold Hair Spray on the finger tips and gently scrunch and tease the ponytail.
Then take Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Smooth and Shine Capsules into your hand with couple of sprays of Medium Hold Hair Spray and run it through the length of the ponytail to make it very smooth and sleek…the complete opposite of the top. Take a brush to smooth over and if needed, take the straightening irons and run over the length of the ponytail to create contrast.

Once you’ve worn your style out, reuse Avon Advance Techniques 3D Rescue Leave-in Treatment which, in just three days, three years of hair damage is repaired.

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