Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day- with Menaji Lip Agent
13 Bad Habits That Make You Break Out

Can't figure out why you keep getting zits? The reason could be something you do every day

13 Bad Habits That Make You Break Out

This is a acne article

Habits are hard to break, but if that habit is causing your acne, it's certainly worth trying. Check out these 13 everyday habits that can be contributing to your uninvited face guests -- and start changing things up now.

Break habits

Created in 1881 in New York City-celebrated again in 1883 and the officially the first Monday in the month of September in 1884 became the official holiday celebrating the working man.

The Menaji lip agent is designed for men, for outdoors, to not dry out the lips and has a sunscreen. It's certified organic too! Menaji is made in the United States and is keeping the working man's lips moisturized and protected from the sun.
Wherever you are celebrating a day of rest and vacation-I hope you have your sunscreen on~!
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