Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aveeno Living Color shampoo/conditioner for your summer beauty trend RED hair
Beauty Editors Without Their Makeup

See our staff take it all off -- our makeup that is

Beauty Editors Without Their Makeup

This is a makeup article

Click through pictures of the Total Beauty staff makeup-less to find out how each girl felt after the mask came off and what we feel the most "naked" without.

See pictures

Hey hello Gorgeous!

See these two bottles? They are the new shampoo and conditioner from Aveen for taking care of color and protecting it from sun rays and then some.

I'm going red for the summer and going to use this shampoo and conditioner set to preserve the hue through the hot summer sun! Plus it's sulfate free.

Find out more at and buy them at your local drugstores, Walmarts or Targets. Enjoy!
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